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Missing Deposit?

EDIT: I am going to post some phishing address as a comment in this same post, check below. If you have deposited into any of those address is phishing. Doesn't mean that if your address is not there listed is not phishing, the phishing sites changes their addresses time to time but I hope this will help.

Have you deposit money on your Abacus account but your balance is not being updated?

First of all, do not open a post on this subdread for this kind of issue. Open a ticket on market or on this subdread in the right sidebar, click on ''Message the mods'' and let us know your the deposit address you sent the money to. Do not send transactions ID or payment id, just send us the address you sent the funds to.

google, bing, whatever browser

If you are coming from the cleaweb (google, bing, whatever browser) you have been phished (likely) sadly Abacus users coming from clearnet websites are likely using fake mirror sites which are phishing proxies giving fake deposit addresses to the users using them.

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Remember that your security paraphrase is completely useless if you are in a proxy phishing. Do not believe that only because you are seeing your paraphrase means you are in the real Abacus. Only traditional phishings do not know your security phrase but this security method do not works for proxy mirrors sites.

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Abacus darknet users

Please only use the 2 official url of Abacus which can be found at: /d/AbacusMarket/wiki?id=1c0a2b0a

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